What is Hydrographics

What is hyrdrographics?

Hydrographics is a versatile way to add pattens and images to 3D surfaces. Most commonly we use hydrographics to replicate a carbon fibre look.

As a Hydrographics professional we use this printing method to add custom images, patterns and designs to enhance parts of your vehicle.


Many different materials such as glass, metal, plastic, ceramics, acrylics, wood and fiberglass. Most commonly we use hydrographics in the automotive industry to achieve unique and desirable finishes on items such as front grilles, side vents, mirror caps, diffusers, front lips and side skirts, interior trims and engine bay pieces.

Often we will pair Hydrographics with two other services.
1. Blackout Styling Package - we also paint the chrome exterior pieces of a vehicle gloss, matte or satin black
2. Exterior and Engine Bay Enhancement Package - we repaint wheels gloss black and custom paint calipers and engine components in a bright colour. We have many colours to choose from, colours are not set with packages and can be chosen by the customer to create a new and unique look for their vehicle.

What can it be applied to
How durable is the coating


Hydrograhics can be compared to the automotive 2pac paint on the exterior of your car, because well - that's exactly what it is! Every part that we work on goes through five stages to ensure maximum durability and high quality finishes, each being very hands-on and carefully crafted.

Every part that we work on goes through 5 stages.

The Preparation Stage. The most important stage which determines durability. We sand the current coating off the parts to expose the materials raw and original finish and smooth off any texture your parts may have. When parts are prepped sufficiently this allows the paint to have a surface to adhere to, providing a professional and long lasting finish.

The Base Coat Stage. We paint the parts the main chosen colour. When applying hydrograhics to achieve a carbon fibre finish we base coat all parts in our signature Gun Metal Grey. A paint colour we have designed to achieve the most realistic looking carbon - but any colour can be chosen as the base. For example if customers want a yellow carbon - we can use a yellow base coat instead.

The Hydrographic stage. After the base coat is applied it's time to transfer the parts to our dipping room - this is where the magic happens! After the ink activates on the water we have a short few seconds to meticulously submerge your parts into the water and through the print, ensuring even coverage is achieved.

The Clear Coat Stage. After the parts have hydrographics applied they are relocated to our wash tank, cleaned, dried and transferred back into our spray booth. Here we lay an automotive clear coat which seals in the print/colour and provides either a matte, satin or glossy finish depending on your preference.

The Polishing Phase. Finally, the process is completed with a hand polish, cut and buff. This phase cuts out any minor imperfections in the clear coat, even if they are less then a millimetre in size! Our team always ensures we go above and beyond for our customers to deliver a coating that will look flawless for years to come.